Sports timing solutions

Sports timing solutions

Sports timing solutions – Beam Trainer

In every sport, timing is important at at least one level of training. Sports timing solutions play an important role in training, as well as competing. In all sports, not only athletics, there are different situations and training methods that can use athletic training tips and photo finishing software. We can’t offer you tips, but we certainly can do something about sports timing solutions. Beam Trainer is an application that will revolutionize timing in sport. It is great for coaches and PE teachers, both during training and competitions. Our sports timing solution guarantees easy and flexible timing without mistakes.

Photocells sports timing solutions in athletics

Beam Trainer can be used for the beep test (distance and time chart configured), photo finish or as affordable and simple sports timing solution. During athletics training or competitions you simply stand at the finish line with photocells connected to your mobile device. There are no additional controllers, just your smartphone or tablet, which means the system is more flexible, useful and – last but not least – cheaper. In athletics every millisecond counts and our sports timing solution can offer you the highest accuracy compared to other products at the same level. It also offers you different layouts and additions, for example a starting gun sound recognizer, hand stroke correction, data collection and arrangement, photo finishing software … As for athletic training tips: use Beam Trainer and follow your athletes’ improvements with ease.

Sports timing solutions for other sports

Regardless of the sport they do or play most athletes have to be fast, agile and responsive. All of these aspects can be vastly improved with the correct training method, but how can you follow the progress without proper equipment? Timing in sport and different sports timing solutions can make that easy or quite hard, depending on what applications or equipment you use. You can do a beep test (distance and time chart find here) on a CD or you can use our Beam Trainer application.  We offer high quality and easy to use sports timing solutions, that you can use to time training and competitions, use our highly accurate photo finishing software and save all data – all for a fraction of what you would expect.