How to use Beam Trainer to save money in horse racing?

World-class timing and training systems.

How do you feel when you spend thousands and thousands of euros for accurate time measuring devices?

If I were you, I would feel really angry. We all know that different top end timing gates devices are really expensive. And, if you organise races, you must also buy an expensive photo finish camera. That means that you have to spend at least 10.000€ before you can even start to think about racing. Luckily, BeamTrainer is high quality and also extremely accurate device for measuring time. Not just time. Extremely accurate time. And it works in synchronicity with a photo finish camera. You can easily set up and use both on all important races. All mistakes are surely eliminated with the help of BeamTrainer.

Another question for you. Did you ever calculate how many hours you spend analysing data from the race? Going through each result and comparing everything by hand. That sounds annoying and time consuming. When using BeamTrainer, you can go and celebrate after the race. Why? Because all your accurate results can be sent to your e-mail in a table, right from your tablet or phone.

        Iceland has a rich tradition in horse racing.

The horses of Iceland are the original Viking horses and one of the purest horse breeds in the world. Races are very popular and there are many teams all over the country. Icelandic horse races are always done with only two horses. They run 200 meters. Since 200m is not a long distance, BeamTrainer is more than perfect for measuring speed, because it is very accurate on short distances. I can see you are wondering where all the cables and other expensive equipment are? Well I am happy to tell you, that there are none. You see, BeamTrainer is also completely wireless, thus making setup easy. BeamTrainer timing gates are stationed at the start and at the finish line. The tripod stander has adjustable height settings, so it enables you to set the timing gates as high or low as you need them to be. At the moment the horses start running, photocells are triggered and the camera on Android tablet starts filming. At the finish line there is a camera with photo finish App, that is triggered when the first horse runs through the finish line. When the second horse comes through the gates, the camera stops. BeamTrainer has a lot of high-quality features that eliminate any mistakes. You don`t need any additional equipment.

       All the tools you need to get started

All you need is:

  • BeamTrainer timing gates
  • Horse starting gates
  • Horse finish gates
  • Android tablet with BeamTrainer App


With the help of our system all national level races are conducted professionally. In addition to the fact that BeamTrainer is extremely accurate, there is also the photo finish App that records the start and the finish. With two separate systems combined in one, there is really no room for any mistakes. Once again, a simple yet high-tech device makes everything possible. From simple trainings to professional races. You really can measure precise time anytime, anywhere. If you truly want to measure precise time and for once, save money instead of spending it, you must order your BeamTrainer.

Save money, save time with BeamTrainer. Get yours today!

For more insight, please check the video below.