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Jump to New Heights with the revolutionary Jump Mat performance analysis equipment. Every athlete and sportsperson wants to know that they are getting stronger, faster and more powerful. Every coach wants to ensure that their training programmes are directly benefiting every member on the team.

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A jumping mat is an excellent tool in many or continuous jump protocols in training. With no feedback, it’s hard to keep the level of effort high or to know when to stop. The jump mat provides immediate feedback which helps with motivation. What’s special about this Jump Mat? This mat can measure Reactive Strength Index (RSI). The Reactive Strength is a ratio of Jump Height to Contact Time shown when performing rebound jumps. Jump Height can be measured to 1/1000th second making this extremely accurate. The jump mat uses this to calculate the height jumped in 0.1cm intervals. Flight Time, this is the time between leaving and landing on the mat measured to 1/1000th second. Contact Time is when the athlete steps on the mat and immediately jumps into the air, landing back on the mat. The contact time on the mat is tracked to a 1/1000th second.

– The energy is measured in joules.
– The power is measured in kW.
– Take off velocity is measured in m/s Windows software only – not compatible with Mac measurement methods.
– Vertical jump mode – being on the mat for more than one second assumes a standing jump, results show height jumped and flight time.
– Rebound Jump Mode – this is when an athlete steps onto the mat and jumps into the air straight away.
– Height jumped and reactive strength also is shown.


Portable: The JumpMat can be used anywhere. It has been validated to work reliably whether indoors or outdoors and on most flat surfaces (even grass!) It is also waterproof. With no need for external power and weighing under 1 kg, JumpMat can be carried anywhere easily in its carry bag.

Accurate: The JumpMat has been tested by independent academic research and has proven to be accurate within 5mm of a Force Plate.

Proven: JumpMat has been proven at the highest level across a wide variety of sports & professional athletes.