Timing Gates - The Most Advanced Timing System

See how Beam Trainer Electronic Starter Pistol + Photo Finish Function + Timing Gate work in practice

Our Beam Trainer Competition set includes 1x Electronic Starter Pistol + 1x Timing Gate + Beam Trainer App. It is perfect for timing sprints or races that begin with starter pistol sound or end with photo finish. This product is a novelty on the world market and everybody wants to know how it works. Besides, it is affordable for every sports club or school.  Our Beam Trainer system is accurate, completely wireless and very simple to use. In this article we explain how Competition set works in five steps:

1. For the beginning of sprint press the button of a starter pistol

One person is standing on the start holding electronic starter pistol. While pressing the trigger starter pistol produces the loud sound announcing the start of a sprint or race.Beam Trainer Athletics electronic starter pistol

2. Electronic starter pistol automatically triggers the time tracking

When electronic starter pistol produces the start sound, our Beam Trainer app automatically starts filming the sprint or race and starts tracking time.2. Atletika startna pištola

3. Timing gate is allinged with the finish line

Timing Gate must be switched on an allinged with the finish line.  Timing gates are connected via bluetooth to electronic starter pistol and your tablet or smartphone. Be sure to also check if its beam is set ON on your tablet or smartphone.3. Atletika finish

4. Another person is filming the finish using Photo Finish functon on our Beam Trainer app.

Electronic starter pistol automatically triggers the filming of sprint or race. All you have to do is press STOP when all contestants cross the finish line.4. Atletika aplikacija

5. Timing Gate recognises the time of the first contestant.

Timing Gates automatically recognises the sprint time of the first contestant. For other contestants’ times find their torso points allingned with finish line simply scrolling the finish line on the screen. Admit contestants’ position and save their times.5. Atletika photo finish


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Timing Gates - The Most Advanced Timing System


Timing Gates - The Most Advanced Timing System

Test your speed with Beam Trainer

One way of following your sports training is to test your speed regularly, thus tracking your improvement. Innovative timing systems can significantly improve your results as well as considerably facilitate timing. Timing your beep test training has never been so easy. Beam Trainer offers a wide range of applications that can be used to test your speed, improve your skills and make timing different types of races as easy as possible. Using Beam Trainer is a big step forward – from old-fashioned stop-watches to technologically advanced systems, that can be used by amateurs, teachers or trainers.

Test your speed using innovative timing systems

Technology has been on the rise for many decades and today it is an essential part of our lives. Why not use it in sports to test your speed? Beam trainer offers its users everything from timing to a photo finish application. During our testing, one of the most important features was the fact that it completely eliminates measuring and recording errors, which is essential if you want to obtain reliable data. You can use it to test your speed in athletics, team sports (football, basketball, hockey, handball…) or any other sport to test your speed, increase your skills and intensify your agility. It is also perfect for beep test training.

How does Beam trainer work

You can test your speed in an easy and efficient way, using Beam Trainer. It is one of the best new and innovative timing systems that connects photocells directly to Beam Trainer application on your Android phone. In most cases your mobile device using the Beam Trainer application is accurate enough and photocells are not needed at all. You can test your speed accurately; the application saves data automatically in a final digital form. So there is no need for a stop-watch, paper and pencil or manual entry of data into a computer. Accurate, efficient, easy to use – test your speed with Beam Trainer!

Timing Gates - The Most Advanced Timing System


Timing Gates - The Most Advanced Timing System


Timing Gates - The Most Advanced Timing System


Timing Gates - The Most Advanced Timing System


Timing Gates - The Most Advanced Timing System


Timing Gates - The Most Advanced Timing System